Product information as per Regulation No. 547/2012 implementing “Ecodesign” Directive 209/125/EC
• MEI (Minimum Efficiency Index): on pump’s name plate;
• Year of manufacture, informations about the manufacturer, product’s type and size identificator: pump’s name plate or order documentation;
• Hydraulic pump efficiency, performance curves for the pump, including efficiency characteristics: data sheet, catalogue;
• Information relevant for disassembly, recycling or disposal at end-of life: use and maintenance manual.
The benchmark for most efficient water pumps is MEI ≥ 0.70 (Fig.2)
The efficiency of a pump with trimmed impeller is usually lower than that of a pump with the full impeller diameter. The trimming of the impeller will adapt the pump to a fixed duty point, leading to reduced energy consumption. The minimum efficiency index (MEI) is based on the full impeller diameter.
The operation of this water pump with variable duty points may be more efficient and economic when controlled, for example, by the use of a variable speed drive that matches the pump duty to the system.
Information on benchmark efficiency is available at