logo-footerSAER Elettropompe S.p.A. is a leading Italian producer and supplier of surface and submersible pumps and motors, with over 60 years’ experience in the Italian and international market. A specialist in the clear water sector, where we offer all-round solutions, SAER provides its customers and partners with maximum flexibility and innovation thanks to an advanced internal design department and our constant research and development which allow us to offer highly customised products in very short times, with all the guarantees of Made in Italy quality.

SAER Elettropompe S.p.A. was founded by Carlo Favella in 1951. The business has always been family run and is now entering the third generation; this has enabled the group to continue in its original mission to this day. Meeting all the market’s requirements  while still insisting on maximum quality for raw materials and treating every request as a precious opportunity for growth and specialisation are the essential principles behind the work we perform every day in our five Italian production plants.

Our centrifugal electrical pumps and submersible and surface motors have a wide range of applications. SAER offers reliable, made-to-measure solutions which can meet all requirements in various different sectors: civilindustrialagriculture and irrigation, underground extraction, mining, oil and gas, water treatment. 

Our strengths


One of SAER’s key strengths is our ability to offer products and solutions in different materials to meet different environmental and design needs for our customers in a wide range of fields of application. Carbon steel, brass, cast iron, technopolymers, different grades of stainless steel, marine bronze, Duplex and other materials can be used to create different product versions according to customer requirements. This is just another reason why SAER is recommended by consultants and prestigious international organisations who have been able to see the quality of our work first hand and view our continuous product innovation and improved final performance with satisfaction.


In order to continue to offer the highest quality and performance standards, SAER is bucking the trend of recent years which has seen many companies offshore their production to save on raw materials and labour costs. Italian-made quality is an essential requirement and conscious investment for a company which from the very beginning has built its reputation on production process control and the reliability of its end results. SAER has no intention of breaking up a wealth of know-how and professionalism built up over many years to take on present and future challenges; rather we intend to make the most of these assets to produce innovative and improved products.


SAER is the direct producer of over 1,300 different types of submersible and centrifugal pumps and motors, which we export all over the world. Our extremely high levels of warehouse availability and production speed, which is on average four times higher than that of our competitors, allow us to offer a wide range of solutions which is always kept up-to-date to meet every water lifting and pumping requirement. From the simplest peripheral pumps to the most sophisticated pressurisation groups, SAER always has the best solution with superior quality: EN 733 compliant end-suction pumps in close-coupled configuration, with bare shaft or rigid joint; end-suction pumps with dimensions exceeding standards, split casing, vertical and horizontal multistage, pressurisation groups, pumps for residential use, radial and semi-axial submersible pumps and submersible motors. A competent and reliable single point of reference.


Internal design and R&D departments allow SAER to design and produce new customisable products on request in very short times, which will then in the future be included in the company catalogue. Our ability to meet the requests of the market faster than our competitors makes us a benchmark and reliable partner in over 120 countries around the world, where the certainty of being able to count on customer-oriented professionals is an essential advantage.


At SAER, our choice of the highest quality materials is accompanied by rigorous quality control of the finished products, which are tested inside our two next-generation testing rooms using simulations on machines and tests certified by external certification bodies. Monitoring of every phase of the production process and tests to ensure that the highest energy efficiency and hydraulic standards required by European regulations are met set us apart as a leading company in our sector, not just in Italy but internationally. Our design of solutions aimed to save energy, optimise consumption and guarantee safety is backed up by advanced prototypes and software.