saer-foto-gruppoSAER ELETTROPOMPE S.p.A.was founded in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1951 by Carlo Favella, and the company still produces all its products there.
The founder, who was responsible for grinding work in a well-known Reggio Emilia company in the 1950s, used his passion for engineering coupled with his business acumen to build up a company producing high-quality pumps for domestic and agricultural use. The green colour characteristic of SAER pumps was chosen as a reference to the agricultural sector, which was undergoing strong growth in the post-war period in the Emilia region where SAER is based.


Realising the stronfiera-tripolig potential of foreign markets and ever-increasing demand for reliable products, the company began to approach the export market in the 1970s, initially concentrating on the North Africa and Middle East market, where SAER is still o

ne of the leaders in the sector. SAER then began to expand its presence to the rest of the world by participating in international and sector trade fairs, organising seminars and training sessions which helped spread its products and increase the importance of the brand which would become synonymous with Italian-made quality.

instalaltionBy the 1980s SAER was already a brand present on the global stage, not just in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but also in South America, Asia and Oceania, with a wide product range both for surface applications (electric pumps for residential use, pressurisation groups, monobloc and end-suction electric pumps) and wet applications (submersible pumps and motors).

In the 1990s globalisation saw the first low-cost products, produced in the East or even rebranded, begin to appear on the market.

Since SAER has always been a proponent of Italian quality with a mission to offer products with the highest standards of quality, we began a process of transformation, investing increasing amounts in sectors where high product quality is the most requested feature.



For this reason, a policy was put in place to expand the entire product range in order to cover different application types.
The product offering therefore today includes not just the previously mentioned range, now available in different metal types (no longer just cast-iron but also 316 stainless steel, bronze, carbon steel, DUPLEX etc.), but also new types of pumps to meet all requirements for clear water pumping.

Thus, around the turn of the millennium the company brought out high-pressure pumps, high-flow rate pumps (split casing), and even our obsolete models were overhauled in order to offer an increasingly efficient and complete level of service.


Over the last decade, the company’s keywords have become:

  • Flexibility: SAER is able to provide made-to-measure products to meet customer requirements, offering as standard what other companies are unable to provide;
  • Efficiency: both in terms of performance and delivery. As our production chain is entirely located within Italy, our customers can count on better than average delivery times;
  • Innovation: offering a product range which is continually improving and evolving and which meets the highest international standards and Italian-made quality;
  • Versatility: our wide range of available configurations and material types make SAER a benchmark for many different sectors of application (not just agriculture but also O&G, civil, industrial, mining, RO, firefighting etc.).

Today, SAER produces over 700 different types of pump in four different production plants, all in the Reggio Emilia area:

  • Headquarters, containing our R&D offices, quality control department, raw materials processing, assembly and testing rooms;
  • Technology centre, which as well as including a permanent display of SAER products and an area dedicated to training, also has a production area for components of SAER pumps and motors;
  • Submersible motors plant, with a production capacity of over 100 pieces per day split between submersible and surface motors. This plant also contains the second testing room which is able to test components up to 5000 m³/h.
  • High flow rate/head pumps: where the largest items in the SAER catalogue are machined and tested. (photo of saer headquarters+saer submersible motors).

High quality standardstotally automated productionknow howefficiency and fast delivery times make SAER the ideal partner for all pumping requirements.